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We are collecting information about Swingers Clubs and Swingers Parties in Japan. We need your help, we have added them to our directory on Clubs and Parties please let us know of any we do not have listed.

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About Japanese Swingers

Single Men
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Swingers are not prostitutes, you are not guaranteed sex in the swinging scene.

Our members are couples, ladies and men who look for fun and sex with new friends. However you have to make yourself attractive to be accepted, both mentally and physically.

We have explained some of the rules of swinging and give you some tips on how to have fun.

Advice for Single Men

New to the swinging scene?

Advice for New Swingers

We want to help you understand how Swinging Works

Contrary to what you read in the press, Swingers do not have sex with anyone and everyone.

Swingers only have fully consensual sex with people to whom they are attracted and who are attracted to them. Swinging never takes place where a person is coerced or forced to take part.

If you attend a swingers party, all the guests will be there for fun. If someone wants payment for sex they are not swingers, they are escorts or prostitutes.

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